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Purchasing refurbished or rebuilt electronic test equipments is an excellent way for companies to save about 30-70% on asset's acquisition value. Besides, we at Supreme Technology also provide decent warranties and guarantees for Refurbished products. Going for Refurbished or Used test equipments offers a lot of advantages if you are a buyer. Generally, they help lower acquirement expenses of equipments, substitute outdated and discontinued test equipment and get rid of long delivery time needed for new equipments. At Supreme Technology, we are committed to helping you enhance the value of your excess, underutilized, surplus test and measurement equipments.

We also help buyers or users put the equipments to use immediately without any need to go through long procedures of confirming to policies, rules and specifications for latest electrical test equipments. We ensure the refurbished equipment is completely tested and calibrated to NIST standards so that they comply with the original manufacturer’s specifications. The Refurbished equipments supplied by us come with operating manuals and all standard accessories. We are also equipped with a qualified electronics laboratory to calibrate, repair and rebuild the products you are looking for.

Merits of purchasing Refurbished Electrical & Electronics Test Instruments

The following are some of the advantages of selecting Refurbished equipments:

  • Reduce acquisition costs of equipments
  • Replacement of discontinued testing instruments
  • Avoid lengthy or needless delivery times of new products
  • Compliance with specifications and legacy standards
  • Cut costs for your firm making use of the best practices
  • Improve Operational Efficiency, ROI, planning of your future needs and budget management
  • Avoid lengthy or needless delivery times of new productsAdvantage of working with a trusted company with solid experience of buying used or refurbished test equipments
  • Handling of all test equipments in the most eco-friendly way
  • Help you assure a life cycle management process in place for equipments

If you are unsure of the exact product configuration, you’re sourcing, do get in touch with us by calling us at 1800 834 991, so that we can help you with the best available option. You can also use the quick enquiry form to make a request online for any refurbished test equipment and we’ll make sure we get back to you as soon as we can.

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HIOKI 3284 Clamp-On AC/DC HiTester Deals
HIOKI 3284 Clamp-On AC/DC HiTester Analysis for DC to distorted waves Analog output for current measuring level, current measuring waveform, or frequency measuring level. The peak hold fu...
HIOKI 3285 Clamp-On AC/DC HiTester Deals
HIOKI 3285 Clamp-On AC/DC HiTester AC/DC current measuring up to 2000 A Analog output for current measuring level, current measuring waveform, or frequency measuring level. The peak hold ...
HIOKI 3540 Meg-Ohm HiTester Deals
HIOKI 3540 Meg-Ohm HiTester Offers selectable manual measurement or system application 4-terminal method milli-ohmmeter (Fast 100-ms Response). Comparator function memorizes up to seve...