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Operating Lease Option of Test Equipments & Instruments

Renting is quite cost-effective for giving you the right technical solution for a short time frame (usually 12 months or less) as the payment is based on a month-by-month basis and you just need to return the equipment when you no longer require it. Nevertheless, when you need the equipment for 12 - 36 months, the best available option we at Supreme Technology offer is Leasing of Test Equipments in stark contrast to an outright purchase. There are a few distinct tax advantages, allowing you to make use of the most advanced equipment and reduce the cost burden of populating the test laboratory. The biggest advantage of operating lease is that it lets you get the entire gamut of Electrical test and measurement instruments you require right away at only a fraction of the cost of purchasing it.

What is an operating lease?

Technology Leasing gives you the option of a quarterly month or small amount over an agreed terms and this option allows you to pay for your instrument or equipment usage as-you-go. This means you need not have to pay for business equipment with a huge cash outlay upfront.

How does it work?

Step 1 : Choose the equipment you need from the supplier you prefer and get in touch with us.

Step 2 : Technology Leasing - Here we tailor make and approve a suitable finance solution that help meet all you requirements.

Step 3 : Your suppler despatches and installs the equipment and the payment is made directly for 100% of the full amount. There is also an option to make quarterly or fixed payments to us.

Benefits of Operating Leases of Electrical & Electronics Test Instruments:

The following are some of the advantages that you may get when you lease test equipments from Supreme Technology:

  • Improves Cash Flow : An operating lease lets you invest your working capital in other business areas, instead of investing in high value assets that depreciate in value.
  • Extends your budget further : There is no limitation of what you can pay upfront with the leasing cost being uniformly distributed over the equipment’s useful life.
  • 100% tax deductible : 100% tax deductible repayments, providing the equipment is made use of mainly for business purpose.
  • 100% financing : There is 100% financing of the cost of equipment (without any equity required) irrespective of budget restrictions.
  • End of term options : You also have the option to decide whether you need to renew the lease for an extended period, opt to continue with the leasing of the equipment at the end of the term, offer to purchase the instrument at reasonable market value or return the instrument without any additional cost, so the choice is completely yours.
  • No residual value risk : There isn’t any residual value risk at the end of term. We are accountable for the disposal value (residual risk) of the instrument, thus you do not fund the instrument’s full value or carry the burden of trying to sell equipments that are outdated and generally worth very little.
  • Package a complete solution : Packaging of additional costs (including installation, peripherals, maintenance and software) together with the instrument may also be added up in lease agreements, providing increased convenience and often at discount costs. This means you don’t need to avail the same service, paying them separately.
  • Preservation of line of credit : Another advantage of operating lease at Supreme Technology is the maintenance of your lines of credit with several other institutions, thereby helping you to look after other unexpected or financial requirements.
  • Minimises obsolescence of equipments : Equipment financed through an operating lease could be upgraded at any time during the leasing period making sure you are not burdened with equipments that are obsolete, thereby allowing you to make use of the latest in technology developments to help increase your profits.
  • Flexibility & choice of term : You can select up to 5 years depending upon your equipment to help meet your requirements. This means the longer the term of the leasing period, the lower the monthly repayment which obviously depends upon your needs.
  • Precise budgeting : Because lease payments are pretty fixed over the term, you are provided more accurate budgeting (sans real surprises). Fixed repayments are a good option over interest rate rises and inflation.
  • Reinforce your financial position : Leasing also helps strengthen your financial position. As any product through an operating lease is not normally regarded as an asset on the balance sheet, it improves your key financial ratios (e.g., return on assets, debt to equity) - beefing up your position with potential financiers and shareholders. We can finance a wide range of test instruments and equipments from as little as $1000 up to multi-million dollar needs and from industries, corporate enterprises, specialist, government enterprises to consumers and small business and this is something one-of-its-kinds in our sector.

If you are looking to lease any test equipment, do contact us at 1800 834 991 or fill in the quick request form below so that we can get in touch with you and discuss your requirements.

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