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Exclusive range of Power Quality Tools from leading global manufacturers 

Posted by Admin on 2/22/2017 4:47:21 PM

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions brings you an exclusive range of power quality tools for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, analysis and recording for a slew of applications.  We have stocked a number of dedicated power quality analyzers in our arsenal for analyzing power supply issues easily and quickly. Being a trusted partner for several firms in power quality solution and analysis, we supply a range of PQ Analyzers built with a plethora of features including insulted current input, measurement of AC & DC current and voltage measurement, effective and apparent power, frequency, rotation measurement and idle and harmonics. Besides finding use as energy-measuring tools, power analyzers are widely employed in the determination of phase rotation and harmonics and in the area of network analysis. 

Power Analyzers from the house of leading global manufactures including Algodue, Elspec Technologies, Fluke, Hioki, Iskra, Kingsine, Megger, Metrel, Pite, Power Standards Lab and Rishabh ensure stable state of health of your power system. 

Algodue PQ Analyzers find use in monitoring Power Quality both for industrial applications and utilities. The innovative design and build of the Elspec BLACKBOX analyzers series is a cut above the rest, offering outstanding Power Quality Analysis solution. Fluke’s exclusive range of power quality analyzers find wide scale usage in preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and long-term analysis and recording. Hioki's power loggers and power quality analyzers are fast and easy to measure, analyze and record power line quality. Iskra has designed a number of PQ Analyzers in its product line for the detection of local power quality deviations. Power Quality Analyzers from Megger are characterized by innovativeness in the measurement of log data, load analysis and capture of network disturbances. Metrel PQ analyzers are time-tested, known for the efficient design of power correction equipments, filtering systems, over voltage protection & UPS systems. Pite and Kingsine’s range of PQ Analyzers is diligent in the measurement of harmonic and power quality data.