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Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions provides a gamut of new test equipments featuring the latest products from some of the industry’s leading manufacturer and brands. Our partnership with these brands guarantees that these new test equipments are delivered in a timely manner. With Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions, you are assured of not only the best test equipments, but you also get an inside view of which unit is actually suitable for you. As we are an unbiased supplier of test equipments, we do take into consideration all the brands before we recommend a particular product to our esteemed customers. Please take a look at our recommended solutions below for some of your possible requirements and choose your purchase option by clicking upon the individual link if you are looking to know more about New, Used, Ex-Rentals & Refurbished test equipments that we deal with. You can also try out a particular product before you actually go for it!

HIOKI 3143 Earth HiTester Ground resistance meter Say goodbye auxiliary grounding rods with the 3143 Measure ground resistance on paved roads. Auxiliary grounding rods not necessary. ...
Buy New Test & Measurement Equipments

Sales of New Equipments

We at Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions have tons of experience in delivering quality electrical & electronics test & measurement equipments, all manufactured by leading global brands. Selection of products based on category, sub-category, application and manufacturer will help you make the right choice that satisfies your actual requirements and budget. We ensure we will update this section for you to make the most of.

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Sales of Used Equipments

Looking to source test instruments on a limited budget? We bring you a gamut of used testing equipments, meticulously selected from our rental inventory, thereby helping you realize 30-70% savings on the acquisition of equipment cost. We regularly acquire ready to ship used test equipments configured to work in your applications. Being a trusted partner, we help you research and pick the right used instrument online.

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Sales of Ex-Rentals Instruments

Purchasing ex-rental testing and measuring equipments offers several advantages. We have expanded our repertoire including a range of highly functional testing equipments, so that buyers are guaranteed of high quality and reliable performance, with greater freedom of choice over purchase. Our ex-rental product range undergoes condition testing, and are appropriately maintained and serviced to ensure it is in top condition.

Buy Refurbished Test & Measurement Equipments

Sales of Refurbished Instruments

Going for Refurbished test equipments is ideal if you’re looking to cut back on the acquisition costs of equipments, replace obsolete testing instruments, do away with needless delivery times of new equipments. We bring you an array of refurbished testing instruments that help you better your bottom line, productivity, and that, which are compliant with the standards, best practices, hand in glove with budget management.

Try Before You Buy Test Instruments

Try Before You Buy any Equipment

If you’re confronted with the dilemma of picking the right testing equipment that stays in sync with your technical requirements and budget, count on us for helping you try out the product without pushing you into purchase. Simply hire the instrument from a few days to several months, put it to test for performance and evaluation, and touch base if you wish to procure the equipment.

Finance Leases option of Test Equipments

Finance Leases for Instruments

Finance Leases of testing instruments offers access to a number of payment structures that match your requirements, so much that you remit payment for use of an equipment as long as it proves productive for operation. An affordable payment mode sans upfront costs, it helps save working capital, thereby preserving lines of credit, whilst improving Return on Assets (ROA) & Return on Invested Capital (ROIC).

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HIOKI 2103 Meter Relay 
HIOKI 2103 Meter Relay Advancing power saving and automation Electronic design assures high accuracy and reliability. Ultra sensitive 1 µA, 10 mV DC movement. Replaces relays in plug-i...
HIOKI 2104 Meter Relay 
HIOKI 2104 Meter Relay is an industrial 1-channel devices to assist in energy saving and automation implementations. The 2104 series are 1-channel ±1.5% class meter relays featuring a sensit...
HIOKI 2300 Series Remote Measurement System 
HIOKI 2300 Series Remote Measurement System Easily Construct a Centralized Data Management System for Monitoring Multiple Locations Power measurement module for multiple circuits. Larg...
HIOKI 3008 Multi Tester 
HIOKI 3008 Multi Tester For maintenance service (20kO/V) Supply current limiting resistance of 10-ohm restricts short circuit current. High-power fuse protects up to 50,000 A. Drop pro...
HIOKI 3030-10 HiTester - Analog Multimeter 
HIOKI 3030-10 HiTester Basic tester with improved safety features (20kO/V) Drop proof design withstands dropping onto a concrete floor from a height of 1 meter. LED check, Battery chec...
AUD $ 100.00 ex GST
HIOKI 3120 Voltage Detector 
HIOKI 3120 Voltage Detector Twin Light Audible Voltage Detector Top “primary supply level” safety class rating for voltage detectors CAT IV 600V design meets CE Mark qualifications. Co...
HIOKI 3127-10 Clamp-On HiTester 
HIOKI 3127-10 Clamp-On HiTester One meter drop-proof "Tested Tough !" Drop proof design withstands dropping from a height of 1 meter. Temperature measurement with optional Thermister prob...
HIOKI 3129 Phase Detector 
HIOKI 3129 Phase Detector Non-Metallic Contact for Optimal Safety Magnetic adapter, Fixable to distribution boards. Top “primary supply level” safety class rating for phase detectors. ...
HIOKI 3129-10 Phase Detector 
HIOKI 3129-10 Phase Detector Top of its Class in Safety Magnetic adapter, Fixable to distribution boards. CATIV 600V/CATIII 1000V Safe. No metallic exposure ensures absolutely safety t...
HIOKI 3143 Earth HiTester 
HIOKI 3143 Earth HiTester Ground resistance meter Say goodbye auxiliary grounding rods with the 3143 Measure ground resistance on paved roads. Auxiliary grounding rods not necessary. ...
HIOKI 3144-20 Noise Search Tester 
HIOKI 3144-20 Noise Search Tester Identify noise in communication and power lines Non-contact type voltage sensor. Frequency range measurement between 500 Hz and 30 MHz. Display of lev...
HIOKI 3145-20 Noise HiLogger 
HIOKI 3145-20 Noise HiLogger Measures the noise levels and frequencies on telecom, power and grounding lines Easily view the noise current level in each band. Record noise level variat...