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How to increase savings on the cost acquisition of Test Equipments?

Posted by Admin on 2/22/2017 4:49:57 PM

One of the sure-fire means of saving money when purchasing testing & measuring equipments is to take a look at the used or second-hand equipment market. There are several brands and manufacturers that offer used test equipments, and with a bit of research and patience, you can find yourself going for an excellent bargain for a fraction of what would be the cost of buying a brand-new testing instrument. 

It is important for one to develop relationship with the original suppliers who will be interested in selling on stocks of surplus or older equipments. Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions does not miss any opportunity in sourcing used electrical and electrical equipments in excellent working condition from global brands or manufacturers for the buying interest of its customers and users. Let us take a dig at the some of the processes that go into the sourcing, testing and selling of used testing machines. 

We usually carry out rigorous test program on all used equipments before they are re-sold to ensure that they are in excellent working condition. Our test program includes a series of inspections, tests, evaluations that would help assess a machine’s capabilities and ascertain the functionality and condition of the device. This also involves repairs, replacement of parts, essential maintenance work and general cleaning or cosmetic refurbishment of the equipment

Once the assessment is done, the performance engineers carry out repair work or replacement of parts that are pertinent to ensure the product goes in line with the manufacturer’s specification and that its performance matches the requirement parameters. 

Next, we go the extra mile in giving them a complete refurbishment, thorough cleaning, treatment of minor scratches and ironing out of dents so that the machine looks as good as new. Most testing devices in the market require calibration and we ensure precise calibration of the equipment with a report that is a representation of its accuracy, besides account of all works carried out pre-sale of the machine. 

We, at Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions, decide whether the test instrument produces the desired set of results that is required for a specific project before opting out for a new, top of the range mode, besides our report indicating if the results or project are for distinct and one-off applications.