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Power Quality Solutions, Equipments & Power Quality Analyzers

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions offers Power Quality & Energy Monitoring Solutions, Power Quality Analysis, Energy Efficiency & Power Savings, Energy & Power Conservation Solutions, Energy Audit Program, Application Solutions & Product Training. We also deal with the sales, rentals, lease and hire of a wide range of test & measurement equipments and power quality instruments including Recorders, Power Quality Loggers, power quality Troubleshooters, etc. from major global brands including Hioki, Elspec, Aplab, Global Energy, etc.

With Free instrument configuration of test equipments according to various applications, free data download for report generation and post analysis, Asset Management, Breakdown Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Troubleshooting, free expert advice, free & personalized technical support (Minimal cost for On-site tech support) and free application solutions for Installation, commissioning and Testing, we are one of the leading players in providing holistic technical solutions to customers based on their budget, application, requirement and industry. Click upon the below links to get a comprehensive view of each of our services before you avail of.

ELSPEC Activar A superior cost-effective alternative to electro-mechanical power factor correction banks. Acivar offers fast compensation, unlimited number of transient free operations an...
Avail Power Quality Solutions

Avail Power Quality Solutions

We bring you a string of Power Quality Solutions for measurement of a system’s capability and operational reliability of all types of loads. Our PQ solutions encompasses personalized pre-& post-sales support, state-of-the-art consulting, customization, instructive power quality seminars and on-site assistance. Not to mention a slew of power quality testing tools for preventive maintenance, recording in industrial utilities & applications and long term analysis.

Avail Power Quality Analysis

Perform Power Quality Analysis

The efficacy of our Power Quality Analysis is characterized by site surveys, sensitivity assessments of equipment and computer simulations—quintessential for the enhanced performance of power systems. Our flexible PQ Analysis practice, driven by meticulous planning and thorough analysis & breakdown of data, enables reproducing any form of required signal form with high precision that can be readily made use of for comprehensive and consistent testing.

Avail Energy Efficiency Solutions

Improve Energy Efficiency

Our Energy Efficiency practices entail realization of greater time-to-market needs, determination of which components optimize the energy efficiency of a product, comparison testing of components or products of leading manufacturers, access to a support pool of dedicated and well-trained engineering professionals, efficient troubleshooting—both onsite and offsite, and viewing of real-time data live, thereby enabling clients meet regulatory requirements and standards.

Avail Energy Conservation Solutions

Achieve Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation is no one-time effort, as we serve customers with a strategic plan that integrates your organizational goals and allows you to focus on your core functions, whilst we zero in on the process. Tailored to provide you greater insight and cutting-edge analysis, our energy conservation process is a cut above the rest with greater savings for clients, deployment of industry best practices in line with the latest energy efficiency regulations.

Avail Energy Audit Solutions

Perform Energy Audit

We have been a preferred partner in the process of Energy Audit for several firms, thanks to our robust process powered by in-house training, retro-commissioning, one-time consulting and infrastructure upgrades to comprehensive energy audits. Our engineers ensure you select, install and maintain energy audit services to help your workforce cognizant of all features and functionalities. Our solutions go in line with your budgetary estimate & tech specifications.

Avail Application Solutions

Find Application Solutions

If you have a specific application you’re working on, our pool of experienced Application Engineers, with wide expertise and sound working knowledge of major software, can help you acquire the exact equipment you require. With so much efficiency and saving built in and having partnered with industry leaders and leading global brands, Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions has the right processes in place to offer reports & documentation for all applications.

Get On-Site Technical Support

Avail On-Site Technical Support

We leverage our vast expertise, experience and execution to serve as a supplement to your in-house pool or function as your in-house staff. We are also hired by industries pan Australia to represent them onsite. Our field engineers determine, troubleshoot and fix technical faults before they hamper business operation. Not to mention equipment repair, research, calibration of test equipments, product modification and enhancement, helping out with specific requirements.

Get Product & Application Training

Get Product & Application Training

The recipe of success of any organization is knowledge transformation, and we ensure hands-on training for your workforce in the area of test & measurement, all in the comfort of a simulated work environment. Testing any equipment the first time around is an arduous task, but we make it look easy with structured training. Whether you are looking to test & tag equipments onsite or save valuable resources, our product & application training comes as the right choice.

Check Power Quality Analyzers online

Sales of Power Quality Analyzers

There is a huge repository of power quality analyzers in our inventory to select from for the measurements and recording of voltage, current, energy, power, power character, power factor, THD, anomalies and harmonics. The wide availability of standard sets and optional accessories online makes us a leading supplier of PQ Analyzers. Couple it with the range of purchasing & financing options, you have come at the right place.

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ELSPEC Activar new product
ELSPEC Activar A superior cost-effective alternative to electro-mechanical power factor correction banks. Acivar offers fast compensation, unlimited number of transient free operations an...
ELSPEC Equalizer new product
ELSPEC Equalizer A world leading optimal solution for electrical energy savings and power quality solutions. The Equalizer is the world's fastest real-time power quality enhancement syste...
ELSPEC Equalizer RT new product
ELSPEC Equalizer RT The Equalizer RT, a transient free static compensation system, modified in order to boost supplied kVAr capacity for short time voltage dips applications The Equali...
ELSPEC Equalizer ST - The Ultimate Motor Start-Up Solution new product
ELSPEC Equalizer ST - The Ultimate Motor Start-Up Solution The Equalizer-ST is a real-time, dynamic reactive power compensation system for medium and low voltage drop motor startups that ...
ELSPEC Equalizer Turbo new product
ELSPEC Equalizer Turbo The Equalizer Turbo provides a ride-through three phases 0.2 pu, volatage dip ?U 70% with a typical duration set for 2 seconds. Clients may also specify an even lon...