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Power Quality & Energy Monitoring Solutions

Power Quality is a measure of a system’s capability of supporting reliable operation of all types of loads. In the case of a power disturbance or event, it could involve current, voltage or frequency. Power disturbance could emerge out of consumer loads, power systems or the utility. With the integration of computer and other forms of sensitive devices in daily life, addressing and awareness of power quality problems is becoming significantly crucial.

Poor quality of power leads not only leads to serious physical damage to the instrument, but also leads to downtime (and this in turn, reduces productivity) and a significant rise in energy costs. Thereby, power monitoring is important to extracting maximum performance out of the devices. Power monitoring is a vital process in determining current and likely power quality problems and resolving them before they slip out of our hands. Power Monitoring Equipments can offer reliable info about power quality, power flow and demand. Talking about Power Disturbances, they range from transients which can last for microseconds to the lethal outages that last for several hours. Supposing the power disturbance occurs outside operating limits, the test equipment may be damaged or disrupted.

Optimal power quality leads to increased cost savings, mission-critical uptime, overall facility reliability and equipment efficiency. Furthermore, power quality data is critical when something goes wrong and is so important that the root of the problem be investigated, whether downstream or upstream of the issue. When any irregularity or fault occurs, our dedicated team of engineers will allow you to troubleshoot at any location and for continuous monitoring, reporting, analysis, data collection and more.

Benefits of our Power Quality Solutions

Some of the benefits of our Power Quality Solutions include:

  • Scalable solutions to fit client’s budget
  • Interpretive reports and documentation to help find the problem
  • Comprehensive set of services
  • Diagnosis of faults before they transform into potential failures
  • Use of some of the best software in the industry

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions has been a leading provider of intelligent monitoring solutions for energy for energy & power quality and electrical demand solutions. With a solid client base globally, the power quality solutions of Supreme Technology range from permanent energy management devices including web-based solutions, data storage and portable power quality analysis equipment. Supreme Technology offers a gamut of services such as consulting, personalized pre- & post-sales support, on-site assistance, customization, and educational power quality seminars. We also offer you a wide range of power quality test tools for preventive maintenance, trouble shooting, long term analysis and recording in industrial utilities & applications including power quality troubleshooters, Power Quality Loggers, Recorders, etc from leading brands including Elspec, Hioki, Global Energy, Aplab, etc.

Buy power quality monitoring equipments from us

We have an exclusive section for power quality monitoring equipments supplied by leading brands and manufacturers across the globe where you can purchase them according to the application. We also offer you power quality monitoring tools and equipments for lease, and rent (check out our different options including short-term/long-term/rent-to-own/month to month) depending upon your particular needs.

View some of our energy monitoring systems, power quality analyzers, electrical digital multifunction meters and more, separated by function to find out easily the right tool for your requirements. If you like to know more about our Power Quality Solutions, please call us at 1800 834 991 so that we can discuss all your requirements related to PQ solutions. You can fill in your requirements making use of the quick enquiry form below and send us so that we contact you as quickly as we can.

HIOKI 3332 Power HiTester Can measure very low effective power, for stand-by mode of home use equipment. Ultra high-sensitive measurement, for use to measure an effective power of equipment...
Solves All of your Energy Consumption Testing Needs Compatible with the SPECpower® benchmarking for server's power consumption *SPECpower is a registered trademark of Standard Performance E...
HIOKI 3333-01 Power HiTester User-Friendly Power Measuring Device for the Production and Inspection Lines. Accuracy that can only be realized with a digital display. Basic accuracy ±0.2% (±0...
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ELSPEC Activar new product
ELSPEC Activar A superior cost-effective alternative to electro-mechanical power factor correction banks. Acivar offers fast compensation, unlimited number of transient free operations an...
ELSPEC Equalizer new product
ELSPEC Equalizer A world leading optimal solution for electrical energy savings and power quality solutions. The Equalizer is the world's fastest real-time power quality enhancement syste...
ELSPEC Equalizer RT new product
ELSPEC Equalizer RT The Equalizer RT, a transient free static compensation system, modified in order to boost supplied kVAr capacity for short time voltage dips applications The Equali...
ELSPEC Equalizer ST - The Ultimate Motor Start-Up Solution new product
ELSPEC Equalizer ST - The Ultimate Motor Start-Up Solution The Equalizer-ST is a real-time, dynamic reactive power compensation system for medium and low voltage drop motor startups that ...
ELSPEC Equalizer Turbo new product
ELSPEC Equalizer Turbo The Equalizer Turbo provides a ride-through three phases 0.2 pu, volatage dip ?U 70% with a typical duration set for 2 seconds. Clients may also specify an even lon...