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Test & Measurement Equipments from Haomai

Haomai is a specialist in the manufacture and supply in test & measurement instruments comprising Relay Test, DC Power Supply, CT/PT Test and DC System Test equipments. We have a complete list of equipments from Haomai for you to choose from according to your requirements. If you are looking for info on the products and services of Haomai, we have it for you for your reference. We will add more test equipments from Haomai to this section on the availability of the products on the manufacturer’s website.

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About Haomai:

About Haomai Electric Power

Haomai Electric Power is a specialist in the manufacture and supply of test & measurement instruments particularly in the area of electric power systems. In this section, we have covered about Haomai growth as a brand including their ever-growing innovative technologies, technical expertise and their key product range with an exclusive section of their awards & certifications. Coming to the product portfolio, Haomai comprises Relay Test, CT/PT Test, DC Power Supply and DC System Test equipments. The details on the product range cover their technical aspects, features and applications. Finally, a few points on the customer service of Haomai have be...
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